5W Outdoor LED Step Light

5W 220V IP68 Step Light – Brighten your outdoor steps in Matn with EMC SUPERLED’s high-quality, energy-efficient LED lighting solution.

Introducing the 5W 220V IP68 Step Light – an innovative lighting solution brought to you by EMC SUPERLED, a leader in LED technology in Matn, Lebanon. This robust, energy-efficient LED step light increases visibility and safety on outdoor steps and stairs, reducing the risk of trips and falls after dark.

Manufactured with a power output of 5W and an input of 220V, this step light is incredibly efficient, providing bright illumination while consuming minimal energy. A key feature is its IP68 rating, indicating that the light is fully protected against dust and capable of withstanding long water immersion periods, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use in all weather conditions.

Whether you are lighting up a garden path, a flight of steps, or a public walkway, the EMC SUPERLED 5W 220V IP68 Step Light offers reliability, durability, and exceptional lighting performance. This product is not just about functionality; it also adds a stylish touch to any landscape, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the environment.

Make the smart lighting choice for safety, efficiency, and style. Illuminate your outdoor spaces in Matn, Lebanon, with SUPERLED’s step lights.


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