LED Magnetic Track Light 48v

A magnetic track light is a type of lighting fixture that can be easily attached and moved along a magnetic track. These tracks typically have conductive strips that provide power to the light, eliminating the need for traditional wiring. Magnetic track lights are a popular choice for both residential and commercial applications, as they offer flexibility in terms of placement and can be easily adjusted to accommodate changes in a space’s layout. Additionally, magnetic track lights come in a variety of styles and finishes, making them a versatile lighting solution for any decor.


Magnetic track light is a type of lighting fixture that utilizes a magnetic base to attach the light fixture to a track. The track is typically made of metal and is electrically wired to provide power and control to the light fixture. The magnetic track light is a popular choice for retail, office, and hospitality spaces, as they allow for flexibility in lighting design and provide a modern, clean look. They are also relatively simple to install and can be reconfigured easily.
This magnetic led track light provided by EMC have the ability to light the spots on one key and the linear light on a second key, so you don’t have to light all the track on one key. This may help for a cozy mood at night and a brighter mood for occasions. Best Combination with the Mini Magnetic Spot Light 7w by SUPERLED!


  • Material: Aluminum and cupper
  • Voltage : 48v
  • Dimensions: 26mm*50mm
  • Available in 2 meters , 1.5 meters and 1 meter


This Magnetic Track light can be also made with a double  luminary system upon your request, so you can freely light the spot light on a switch and the linear light on another.


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