LED Strip 16w 12v 180 Lumen/M

LED Strip 16w 12v 180 lumen/m
240 LEDs per Meter
16w per Linear Meter
CRI 80

LED Strip 16w 12v 180 lumen/m

A LED strip with 240 LEDs per meter and a power consumption of 16 watts per meter is a high-density LED strip that produces a bright and intense light output. This type of LED strip is commonly used in commercial and industrial applications that require high levels of illumination, such as in warehouses, factories, and sports arenas.

The power consumption of an LED strip depends on several factors, including the number of LEDs per meter, the color temperature of the LEDs, and the brightness level. LED strips with higher LED densities and brighter LEDs tend to consume more power than those with lower densities and dimmer LEDs.

It’s worth noting that the power consumption of an LED strip is not the only factor to consider when choosing one for your application. Other important factors to consider include the color temperature, the color rendering index (CRI), the length and width of the strip, and the voltage requirements.


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