AC Triac RF + Push Dimmer

AC Triac RF + Push Dimmer

Model No.: S1-B

RF dimming/Leading edge or trailing edge/Min brightness settable/Push Dim/Wall junction box mounting

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● RF + Push AC phase-cut dimmer, 1 channel output.
● To dim and switch single color dimmable LED lamps,
traditional incandescent and halogen lights.
● 256 levels 0-100% dimming smoothly without any flash.
● Leading edge dimming or trailing edge dimming set by dip switch.
● Min brightness can be set by key.
● Light on/off fade time 3s selectable.
● Compatibility with RF 2.4G single zone or multiple zone dimming remote control.
● Connect with external push switch to achieve on/off and 0-100% dimming function.
● Easy to be placed in standard wall junction box behind a push switch.
● Over-heat / Over-load protection, recover automatically.


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