Underground 5W COB

Garden outdoor LED Underground 5W COB

Rated power 5W
LED COB Chip Bridgelux
Warranty 2 years by EMC
Proudly assembled in Lebanon to assure you our ip68 waterproof rate
Surge Protection Power up too 4KV
Available in all Color Temperature and dimmable systems


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LED underground lights also called led inground light, led deck light, led path light, led stair light, led buried light, led recessed light ,led driveway light, led sidewalk light, led up light, led walkover light, led recessed wall light, led step light, led terra light. etc.

The led underground light Working with:

Power : 5w

C. T. : 2700k – 6500k – RGB

Voltage: 220V
CRI: 80

PF: 0.8

60 degree

Size: 90mm*80mm

Cut size: 75mm


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