Underwater 10W COB

This Underwater 10W COB provided by SUPERLED in Lebanon comes with a low voltage current so you can use in underwater uses
It has an IP68 protection and a variable RGB output light.
EMC is happy to give its underwater product a 2 years warranty as they are assembled in Lebanon

Underwater 10W COB is a type of LED lighting fixture that is designed to provide bright and focused lighting to swimming pools, fountains, and other underwater features. COB stands for Chip on Board, which refers to the LED technology used in the fixture.

The 10W COB LED bulb used in the underwater fixture provides bright and energy-efficient lighting, making it a cost-effective alternative to traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs. The LED technology used in this fixture also ensures a long lifespan and consistent light output, without flickering or dimming over time.

The underwater 10W COB light is typically designed with a waterproof housing, which allows it to be submerged underwater without the risk of water damage. It can be used to highlight specific areas or objects in a pool or fountain, or to create a vibrant and colorful underwater lighting display.

Overall, the underwater 10W COB is a reliable and versatile lighting solution that offers a high level of performance and energy efficiency. Whether you need to highlight features in your swimming pool or create an eye-catching underwater lighting display, this fixture is a great choice.


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