RGB/CCT/Dimming 3 Channel LED RF Controller

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RGB/CCT/Dimming 3 Channel LED RF Controller

Model No.: V3

3 Channels/Step-less dimming/Wireless remote control/Auto-transmitting/Synchronize

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● Match with RF 2.4G single zone or multiple zone single color, dual color and RGB/RGBW remote control.
● One RF controller accept up to 10 remote control.
● 4096 levels 0-100% dimming smoothly without any flash.
● When using with RGB light, built in 10 dynamic mode, include jump or gradual change style.
● Auto-transmitting function: Controller automatically transmit signal to another controller with 30m control distance.
● Synchronize on multiple number of controllers.
● Light on/off fade time 3s selectable.


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